12.24.01 bitter airport haiku

i'm unconvinced by the whole 'take a sip of your drink so we'll know you're not a terrorist' routine at the metal detectors. couldn't i float a plastic gun in my coffee or develop a resistance to my liquid weapon over time, a la cary elwes in the princess bride? the machine gun guy at the checkpoint mocked my pear-artichoke-broccoli smoothie. yeah, well you look like g.i. joe.

left work much earlier than i expected but didn't have much else to do, so i got to SFO at like 12:40. i have a 4:45 flight. i can feel my body decomposing, breaking into simple things. like artichoke.

on lauren / libra + joe / cancer, cosmo sez:
He is the original nice guy, but you need someone who can add spice to your life. He wants to keep you all to himself; you'll get irritated when he wants to have yet another mellow night. Love match meter: 1 [/10].

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