12.04.01 but you kept the queen is dead

i knew that my Vocation would tap me on the shoulder if i waited patiently. it has come to light that i am a paper-snowflake-making superstar. i mean it: people nearly wept at the office today. martha stewart, gird your loins.

mom left a big old box up here after thanksgiving. my favorite contents: a baby quilt (that i absolutely love and she has completely forgotten) and a trophy engraved with LAUREN, NO. 1 GIRL (to placate me when emily was born). many breakable tchotchkes that mom encouraged me to sink in the fish tank, but we've already filled it with plastic fishie bonsai. the pegasi are in the kitchen.

i used to hate "honey make something" holidays - father's day once ended in tempera block-printing my nose - but i'm warming to it. it's not poverty; i'm not afraid of credit card hell, not really. i should be crafty, with mum's genes and all. this can work.

i work the 24th and the 26th, so i'll be home long enough to pee, essentially - but i suppose that it feels nice to bust my ass. i have yet to develop free time as much more than NotHospital, but it's not for lack of time. there will be time.

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