12.20.01 whatever happened to?

we actually had a storm alert tonight, as in the tv fuzzed out and an earnest young man warned us that there were golf ball hailstones in san jose. cut to a shot of someone's backyard 'hailman', cut back to frasier. supposedly there was a small tornado lurking about, but i think it shopped in union square for awhile and went back to stockton. we wondered if this would affect the delivery of our indian food and returned to the television. if it rains much today, i'll have three new rental movie synopses for posterity: i hydroplaned on the 73 during a storm a few years ago and wrapped my car around a steel divider, so weather and freeway driving tend to loosen the bowels a bit.

on that note - rental movies - not so sure about the house of yes. it was probably a very nice play, but the adaptation was very stagey. i could worry about whether or not this was intentional, but i'd be relatively unimpressed either way.

the post office informs me that my ted hughes shakespeare book is hiding on pine street: i've been looking for it for two years, but i actually sort of fear it. he's exceedingly long-winded, and i don't know that i can prep by reading the plays again. if douglas coupland cranked something out, see, i could throw that back in a day and feel very accomplished. i wish he'd consider my feelings.

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