12.07.01 while they're dragging the lake

spent the afternoon volunteering with my doppelganger on market street. the society talks fancy stores into putting kittens in their windows at christmas, and we plebes shuck them out to unsuspecting shoppers. issues with talking pedestrians into twenty-year commitments aside, it can be a good thing - cat ladies are everywhere, and sometimes they bond with our older cats while hunting for cousin ralph's present. luckily, maybe, i had no ideological crunches - the coordinators oohed and aahed over the fact that we were hospital staff and then sent us to the sidewalk with collection jars and free stickers. my twin is a proactive little minx - we made fifty bucks and some guy gave us long-stemmed roses. a chick got burly on me when i tried to tell her guy about our cats and he asked for my number, but it was a relatively pleasant afternoon. look ma, i beg for money on the street.

made it through the craft at one go - so there, Kid Video. he was opening the store this morning when i snuck by to return my hoard.
guy: did you enjoy those?
me: yeah, i did.
guy: you've got to be careful what you watch.
on batman:

Could you pass this along to Lauren?

In her sept. 2 entry, she asks, "who's seen adam west lately?" I have. Like me, he's a Whitman graduate, and he came to speak there-- I think it was my freshman year (1995-1996). Unfortunately, since it was my freshman year, his talk was likely midway between pre-func and party, so I have only a very hazy memory of said talk, but I remember being amused.

Dirk Benedict, aka Faceman, is also a Whittie-- he visited sophomore year but only hung out with his brothers at Phi Delta Theta.

(cheers, colette)

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