12.18.01 when you tell me it's okay

per jen, the gift of the magi is the greatest love story of all time. i'm iffy, but i've never gone through the long hair thing. can't counter it with anything convincing: my short list is cyrano de bergerac, antigone and leonard cohen's "hallelujah", but the genres are all wrong. i bawl like a baby for "i'll be your mirror", but again. are we talking volume, originality, applicability? i bawled for digimon when one of the furry little guys sacrificed himself to a giant robot cockroach.

some guy dumped a newborn street puppy on us the other day, so we gave him a doll scarf, fed him lunch five times, and called him a christmas miracle. then a big christian/jewish smackdown broke out, it being hanukkah and all, so we named him latke. dr. johnsen fostered him and re-named him riley, then her terrier decided that he was her puppy. now we go to play with him and cricket looks at us like "you spay me and then give me a son and now you want to steal him for dress-up?". johnsen doesn't want to keep him, but there's no arguing with little dog.


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