12.14.01 lift up the receiver, i'll make you a believer

we finally had a plumber put the tub out of its misery; potential house guests, it's safe to go back to the bathroom. this guy was more of an exorcist than a repair man, and he charged like $900 to summon water from the right places and banish it from the wrong places. that said, i felt that it would be unwise to anger someone who has the power to turn my toilet on and off.

took a page from jen's book and worked on my gift list as i babysat the plumber. bless you, internet! - for i'm finished shopping, provided that my loved ones are all spies.

mister coffee / hidden camera.
junk food / safe.
blow gun.
fighting fan.
the ability to control an army of bees (a little misleading, sure, but repelling moles with spearmint is kind of exciting).

won the video store guy's respect today when i rented window to paris at his insistence. it may be that he's kind because i'm at blockbuster all the time and don't appear to have any friends, but that's okay. we're bonding.

the holiday party at work - actually kind of fun. mostly a vegetarian potluck and playing with everyone's dogs, but it was kind of nice; dogs and babies are great, as long as you can give them back. my cider was a hit, yay.

saw jonathan richman again saturday: charming as always. saw ocean's eleven sunday: not bad for A Big Movie. finishing the master and margarita: i've finally gotten the nicknames straight, and it's exceedingly good. bulgakov may be cooler than gogol, and he's certainly friendlier than nabokov.
"Something's going to happen! It can't help but happen because why, in fact, have I been made to suffer for life? I admit that I've cheated and lied and lived a secret life hidden from everyone, but even that doesn't deserve such cruel punishment. Something is bound to happen because nothing lasts forever."


It amazed her that the front hall of an ordinary Moscow apartment could contain such an extraordinary, and invisible, but very palpable, endless staircase.

yojimbo, incidentally, stinks.

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