12.17.01 no bigger than a nickel

today's health tips:

1. restaurant's name has no vowels? run.

2. feel poisoned, can't vomit? drink warm salt water and think about jazz.

baby jo's expecting her answer from stanford today, so i'm calling home every five minutes. no word yet, but mom did call to say that i have to go to the oakland airport again. woo.

3. beer consumption and bowling abilities: inversely proportional.

one lousy beer = 130 total in two games. i did get a pair of free socks from the shoe rental people, though.

the whole apartment is going to hell: the wiring in the hallway is out, jude mangled himself on a hanger or something, i puked all night. joe snored, but he always snores. to my great surprise, the fatty new goldfish are all still alive. hardy little guys.

cold weather gets at my goth nougat filling: i picked up an h.p. lovecraft anthology and an edward gorey gilded bat datebook thingy. the lovecraft is more convoluted than frightening, but this is okay. some camp counselor read me stephen king short stories like ten years ago and i still shut the closet before going to sleep.

lukas gifted me with dear moz's wistful, vaguely irc pen pal days. jake tells me of a foreign lad's labor of, um, love (visit him, he needs help). take this, brother, and use it well; i'll play sad songs on my gee-tar.

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