11.01.01 what do foxes eat?

tentative plan to make for new york in march for magnetic fields shows. will get around to offering priceline more than $75 for airfare, eventually.

signifying rappers (costello, wallace) materialized last week. foster wallace the grad student is cute, but for his insistence that punk sucks. i think joe will like it more than i do, but he's getting tricky: in arizona, he went after a transatlantic love affair (nelson algren + simone de beauvoir) sans a peep from me. this man threw a tantrum when i tried to make him read "prufrock". trust no one.

buy breaded eggplant from trader joe's. no eggplant. could've been denny's cheese sticks.

leave dye in for an hour if you've never tried the color before.

play 'beat the reaper' with nausea. it will wait for you to wake up.

other lauren sounds benevolent. i'm used to fighting laurens: one must rule. this one wished me a happy birthday, though, and i'm that easy. right back at you, lauren: prosper and prosper some more.

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