10.26.01 everyone is pierced

jesus loves jake and satan is afraid of jesus: happy almost-samhain! when i grow up, my hit points will be higher than my IQ. just you wait.

thieves have attacked me. i had a lovely entry all scribbled into my notebook on wednesday: fifteen minutes later a guy came into the SPCA and took (it and) my purse. so long house keys, car keys, driver's license, cell phone, credit cards, sentimental personal crap, and about $3500 in overdraft charges, as my bank kept me on hold for an hour before i could cancel my accounts.

i'm really only angry about having to fight for my identity - he might have gotten my social security number, even - and about my personal crap. so i'm in line at the dmv for two hours, whatever. the idea of the guy ditching my ring at the bart station and eating my certs, though, makes my blood fucking boil.

sarajean informs me that i've been de-bridesmaided: her mother says that she will not attend if i'm in the wedding party. i have no anecdote for this, as it seems that no one knows what's going on. haven't decided if i'll go as a civilian. there are principles, obviously, but what wins?

jake is still my hero. when he went to the bridge school benefit on sunday, he had me on the phone for most of billy idol's set. when locksmith 2 finished breaking me into my house after the purse thing, jake materialized at the door with taqueria food an' coronas an' a loobylu mug. if the queen's still got the knighting bug, well - you know.

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