11.28.01 that lucky old sun

as i have no work to do, i checked out popex per alsolauren. like fantasy football, but with music! as i know nothing about fantasy football, i was unprepared for a faux stock market game. stocks scare the bejesus out of me, so i bought'n'sold 100 shares of robbie williams and ran away. i did appreciate the discussion boards - good ideas for driving games ('songs that could double as curries', &c). paul and i get a lot of mileage out of that sort of thing (a pirate's favorite britpop album...?).

now a haircut, rental movies, dinner shopping. joe is making me buy turkey and sausage: this is some twenty-first century mutation of making one's boyfriend buy tampons. i'm a sensitive bronze-age vegetarian.

the pilot light is out, and we can see our breath in the apartment. not actually so uncomfortable; in california, though, this feels stupid. i'm thinking my fish will die.

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