11.12.01 meanwhile, back at the ranch

carstravaganza with dad this weekend. he's been wanting to road trip for months, so i picked him up friday morning and went north or east. food emerged as a substantial theme: we saved packets of frosting, tried to remember to photograph our dinners, and trucked around with three bags of groceries that are mostly inedible or in my kitchen now. i have a new indestructible teapot. it is likely to destroy me.

+5: tea on lake tahoe
+4: nimble little car
+3: aspen on the truckee in reno
+2: campari umbrellas
+1: ronald reagan jelly bean portrait
00: nevada's oldest hotel
-1: prostitution museum
-2: continental breakfast
-3: bowling injuries
-4: carson city speed trap
-5: oakland international airport security (A: so how do you feel about waiting in this line for the terminal? B: i thought this was the line for space mountain.)

from lemony snicket's the hostile hospital, in which klaus and sunny baudelaire labor to save their sister from esme squalor's nefarious cranioectomy:
"She's not here," Klaus said, putting down the last page of "Pneumonia Ward." "Violet's name is nowhere on the list. How are we going to find her in this huge hospital, if we can't figure out what ward she's in?"
"Alias," Sunny said, which meant "Maybe she's listed under a different name."
"That's true," Klaus said, looking at the list again. "After all, Mattathias's real name is Count Olaf. Maybe he made up a new name for Violet, so we couldn't rescue her. But which person is really Violet? She could be anyone from Mikhail Bulgakov to Haruki Murakami. What are we to do?"

read lemony snicket, damnit.

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