11.26.01 what's he like? it's not important -

article in the chronicle on saturday: bay area planned parenthoods got hand-delivered "warnings" from an anti-abortion group saying that they would be driving around the city with big dead baby billboards. this is considered to be in poor taste "in the wake of september 11". of the silly bits in the piece, the last makes me titter the most: "in the wake" is a mental image of bobbing around behind a cruise liner, for me.

also bobbing around: many terror sex babies. folks are predicting a birth rate spike next year, as "i am alive, you are alive" sex came into fashion after the terrorist attacks. for future reference, this is what happens when you cancel america's regularly scheduled programming for a week.

from the senate mail bag:
i, like my father before me, have the ability to hear dog whistles. this morning, however, i noticed that someone had left a trail of small screws outside my house. i have now also lost the ability to hear dog whistles.

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