11.05.01 crack mule

read adam west's back to the batcave yesterday. he might have been the sedentary man's superhero, but a lot of butt came his way in the sixties. west made this heart-rending case for himself in "mature batman" films; i'd have felt for him, but he called gotham city's lower class "dickinson". no butt for you.

mucking through fast food nation as well. apparently your average mcdonald's worker is more likely to die on the job than, say, a police officer. also, fries are made of people. also also, joe eats the lardy bean dip at la morenita though he claims to shun mammals. we're all going to hell.

today i am contributing to america's greatness by counting morphine tablets. 7500 so far. i'll be blind by christmas, but glasses - an eye patch? two? - could lend me an air of mystery.

and finally, woo woo, a left-handed guy won the world series for arizona last night. shame that professional athletes are as vital as, say, pill counters.

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