09.23.01 jenny sais quoi

terminal case of road trip butt. o, i am slain.

feedback: who knew it was this easy?
Who loves Lauren? I do! I do!
What religion is foreign? Shinto! Shinto!
And Hatch comma Orrin? Utah! Utah!
Fuck you, Martin Amis!
Fuck you, Martin Amis!

(paul built my hot rod)

wee dan oster sez:
I thought about it and I guess the last time I saw you, you were saving the butts of your clove cigarettes so you could blend them up into a smoothie later or something depraved like that.


I guess I always felt that a cousin was someone who would give you refuge when you're being hunted by the police or vampires or something. So if the ninjas are looking for you, don't hesitate to phone me up.

now i want a...pony!

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