09.18.01 children of the night

on home improvement: my mother is a machine. she arrived at 1:30 and gave me a crockpot, took me to lunch, installed a wall lamp above my bed, took me to dinner, trimmed charlie's nails, gave me vegetarian cooking tips and left me with a consoling los angeles times article ("Unwed Partners Up 72% in U.S."). it's 9:30. i'm moving home.

on origins: dinner at the original trader vic's, birthplace of the mai tai. i planned to order one, but some other drink came in a souvenir ceramic coconut: who can argue with that? mom supplied an account of my brief career as a catholic (baptized as such, raised/lapsed presbyterian, this pesky cross tattoo an' nothing to be done about it). the priest asked my godfather what the holy water symbolizes:

jesus? (snickers)
a good answer, but no. blah blah blah. and what does the _____ symbolize?
also a good answer, but...

(rinse and repeat)

on the classics: arguable high school goth phase or no, i've never seen the bela lugosi dracula (1931). sat down to watch my $5.99 amoeba copy today, and lo! it's a total vamp mythology goulash. i could hang with the garbled story line - he owns the role and all - but then there's this interior shot of the castle where two armadillos wander out from behind some cobwebby furniture. a stretch, but honestly? they owned their roles as well.

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