09.21.01 you had eaten a baddie

i'm in the pharmacy all day. many frantic surgeons at 9 am, as we ran out of ketamine and valium and i don't have the combination to the controlled substances back safe. i don't care - i'm not a registered vet tech and i understand the liabilities - but if they ran out of tranquilizers mid-procedure upstairs? this is how it is. we can't have food in the hospital - attracts pests, and we're not allowed to use insecticide or traps - so we write snacks up as patients and keep them in cages. admin doesn't seem to care.

making lists. i'm driving to southern california sunday morning, so clothes should be cleaned / packed for cleaning / coordinated to impress my folks. joe needs pants for DC, his tax return, maybe his golf clubs. books for my mom, cell phone charger, so on. not much to do between filling prescriptions, and i make lists when i'm looking forward to going away.

for DC in the gauzy future: going to take an EMT certification course. got a nifty red raincoat on my lunch break yesterday. thinking about how cool it would be to fence.

jake apologized to me last night, both impressing me and ballooning my judaism database by like 200%. if he ever starts posting on his own, you know, i'm screwed.

hitting blockbuster like a ton of bricks. wednesday was you can count on me (2000), tonight is warhol's flesh for frankenstein (1974; ehh) or the lost boys (1987; hey!). plodding through libra yes still, re-reading ted hughes. his biographer is clacketyclacking a block up the street: maybe the only prof who got excited about my stuff, and i'm still too shy to ask her to coffee.

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