09.22.01 saturday, wait

i came across a feral cat who was being euthanized as i did the hospital report tonight. held him and scratched his cheeks and waited for his ribs to stop falling. when i left, his head was still cocked for my hand. realized on the way home that no one's sure about FELV/FIV contamination - he had those, he was emaciated - and my cats clobber me as soon as i open the door, so i stripped on my stoop and yelled angry things so they'd back up. pointless, probably, but naked and mad made sense in my head.

now a brief road trip by myself. not really, but i've never done this alone, so it counts. i made mix tapes and packed joe some jelly beans from one of the cat ladies at the office. seven hours means each tape plays twice if i don't skip the bjork dancer in the dark stuff. i will, though. dancer in the dark is, predictably, shit driving music.

stewart makes lipmusic. stewart posts the noseless lauren of samothrace. i smolder in person, please believe, though i will probably never manage to look like lukas. who will, really?

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