09.06.01 the angels have stolen my red shoes

i'd like to slow this crowd down for a moment. lower the mirror ball - that's right. now, i had moments of uncertainty on the road to getting off my ass and starting a blog. i have a lot of issues with personal sites, and really, the web in general. i considered starting a 'zine instead - you know, going at the techies with a xerox machine and stickers (somehow, working at a veterinary hospital has led me to the possession of superlative stickers). i considered just sitting around and criticizing other blogs, because i like that. as the clown in paul's russian joke eventually realized, though, none of that was the point. the point was/is finding those blogs and getting those blogs. righting the wrongs i find online.

today's wrong is a grievous wrong. it is the lack of jacob mishook. i don't have a link for him - see what i'm talking about?

jacob is a courageous music nut. sure, he checks stuff out on the all music guide like the rest of us, but he also writes personal messages to love-starved indie artists and gets into desperately independent albums that i wouldn't touch with a ten-foot britney spears (ooh, ten-foot britney spears). he got me into elvis costello. and johnny cash. and the wedding present and nick drake and jonathan richman and - see, this could take awhile. he's well read. he's well-dressed. he sleeps on my couch without complaint and tells me what i need to apologize to people for saying the night before. he drives up here from palo alto all the time and doesn't care when all i want to do is sit around.

find this man and shake his hand. buy him a drink. buy him a velvet elvis costello. tell him lauren sent you.

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