the dirty dozen {work and errands in manhattan, december}

01 "i have a cauldron i'm not using anymore, if you want it."
02 "you can buy any kind of fog as long as it's water-based."
03 "that's a lot of teeth. but—why not!"
04 we have elvis wigs that could pass as greaser wigs, but we're all out of black."
05 "is that your fish?"
"yeah, it didn't seem like your aesthetic."
06 "turns out it's a $150 book, not a poster. and it's in french. no, thank you."
07 "how can you tell if a book is a detective thriller?"
08 "louisa bae alcott. i like that even better than swagatha christie."
09 "is this mouse for someone?"
"no, but it'll definitely get eaten, don't worry."
10 "i don't know if i'm relieved that i'm not imagining things crawling on my neck or disappointed that there was something crawling on my neck."
11 "do we still sell those hoodies? i always meant to get one."
"i don't know, but they gave a bunch away for free because rats chewed on them. see my sleeve?"
"my dad wasn't happy when i showed him."
12 "hey, thanks for special-ordering my friend's book so speedily!"
"we have our shit together."

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