at robina town centre in queensland, a christmas tree made of pelicans.

at the australian reptile park in sydney,
George, a common wombat, was found at just four months old after his mother was hit by a car in Scone, in the Hunter Region of New South Wales.

"A passer-by stopped and pouch-checked* his mum and George was in there," [keeper] Renee Gomez [said].
george's home is the only zoo in australia with a spider and snake venom-milking program, by the by.

from animals australia (a group working to end factory farming and cruelty to animals), plush creatures and symbolic adoption certificates. surely a few can make it to the states in time to meet my nephews and niece for the holidays (the chook, the chook!). if plush creatures aren't your thing, they also sell cruelty-free chocolate and macadamia nuts.

*from the wombat protection society of australia's accident & emergency wombat first aid page: "Wombat joeys can live for many days in their mother’s pouches after the female is killed. If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident with a wombat it is unlikely that the adult will survive but it is very likely that the joey will." the page features detailed instructions on everything from what to do if you see a wombat at the edge of the road to how to alert the proper authorities to and/or provide care for injured wombats and orphaned joeys.


LPC said...

I love that they are called joeys. So are kangaroo babies, right?

lauren said...

i think maybe all baby marsupials are called joeys? to the beast books! [returns] ok yes, all marsupial babies are called joeys. so, like, koala babies are joeys also.