the dirty dozen {twelve movies i saw this year, and haiku discussion}

01 hell or high water. heist pics leave me cold, / but this one's nearly flawless. / is jeff bridges zeus?
02 moonlight. brilliant ensemble, / sensitive storytelling, / perfect denouement.
03 la la land. not all musicals / are terrible, i'll admit. / that one sure is, though.
04 american honey. shia labeouf sells / magazines, has tragic hair, / catches a turtle.
05 the birth of a nation. scandal aside, well, / its female characters were / just plot devices.
06 fantastic beasts and where to find them. how i love creatures! / beautifully imagined, / clumsily scripted.
07 miss peregrine's home for peculiar children. mistress of limbo, / i question you. carnival / battle was BOSS, though.
08 manchester by the sea. casey affleck: eh. / kyle chandler, editing: A. / michelle williams: QUEEN.
09 the handmaiden. really long, REALLY / odd, and more lemonade than / lemonade was, bey.
10 the lobster. my favorite thing / about loving it: i have / it all to myself.
11 the witch. moms, don't see this one. / goats, choose your dates carefully. / bearded dudes, you're good.
12 the neon demon. keanu! wild beasts! / inappropriate snacking! / god, i love horror.

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lauren said...

aside on la la land: the brilliant lili l. disagrees. (i myself couldn't swallow the nostalgia at the end, and lack fondness for the original, painstaking musicals, as many of you know.)