the missus and i, geeky tv fans both, started watching doctor who 53 years after the first doctor stepped out of his T.A.R.D.I.S. and approximately one month before all doctors disappeared from netflix's streaming catalog, which means that we've limped along with actual discs all year and that i almost always know when the doctor's going to regenerate or lose a companion, since box sets always feature main-character portraits on their covers and it's incredibly difficult to make sure you've got everything in the proper order in your queue, what with christmas specials, bonus discs, spinoffs, and animated special events (we just got to that one). i try ever so hard to avoid spoilers when preparing to watch shows and movies—i cross my eyes when buying movie tickets, i hide back issues of the new yorker from myself, i pour out the last of my tea without checking out the shapes the dregs have formed—but i always end up knowing when, say, i'm going to have to start preparing myself to let go of david tennant. (what a doctor,* that tennant! it horrifies longtime whovians to learn that i saw him in both jessica jones and broadchurch before i saw him as a time lord, which connoisseurs assured me is Peak Tennant. [i now agree.]) of course, i also know that whatever was going on with billie piper's teeth circa "turn left" resolves itself before her next cameo, and that's a relief.

we accidentally leapt into season five before watching all of the weird 2008-ish spinoffs and semiseries, which means both that i'm trying to work through complicated feelings about matt smith by reminding myself that there are still a few odd unwatched tennant episodes out there, trapped in the postal system like paleozoic insects in amber, and that i'm pretty sure i need to get a T.A.R.D.I.S. suit before we visit sarah and judd in the dominican republic in february. or a dalek suit? if one could but glimpse the multiverses swimwear decisions create.

*in pecking around for that link i discovered DT married georgia moffett—the fifth doctor's daughter in real life—after she played his daughter in the current series. overseas television romances are so much more exciting than hollywood gossip, man. (billie piper was married to laurence fox from inspector lewis! i realize i'm the last person on earth to learn that, but still!)

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