i got an email yesterday afternoon:
NYCRUNS is currently closely monitoring tomorrow's forecast in conjunction with our medical team, but we do not expect to make any decisions regarding weather-related changes to the race until approximately 6:30AM. If any changes are to take place, you will be emailed and our Facebook page will be updated with all the info you'll need to know. Thank you for your patience.
i headed down to paragon sports after my shift at the bird hospital to pick up bibs and shirts. the only tees (ugh, why not tech shirts?) left were super-huge, but we could wait and pick up smaller sizes at the race, we were assured. i got that email about the weather—do you think the race will be called off? "there's almost no chance of that," the bib gal said.

i woke up before my alarm this morning, as one does, with the cat draped over the back of my neck like a travel pillow. the other cat, wedged against joe beneath the covers, legs extended, brushed my chest with a paw every now and again as he kneaded in his sleep. i walked out to the living room, where the tail end of friday night, heavy as a candle snuffer, refused saturday morning. i'd never raced in the snow before. i tore into a new bag of coffee and watched the cats expect the sun over brooklyn.

a few minutes after six, another email:
In partnership with our partners on Roosevelt Island and in the interest of your safety and that of our volunteers and staff, we are cancelling today's event. There will be no bib or shirt pick-up or runner services of any kind today. Please do not come to the event site.
1: um, i guess we're not meeting?
1: i hope you weren't already on the train! (i started coffee, but am going back to bed; glad i didn't pick up those bad shirts)
2: I was in bed thinking about how to stay warm :) I refuse to say 'worrying'
2: Is 'wears shirt from canceled event' not goth?

i reconvened Team Bed, went back to sleep, and ran 10K by myself this afternoon.

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