11.30.10: the dirty dozen {contents of my purse}

01 nine napkins from gracie mansion*
02 small blue "it's a boy!" lollipop
03 studded black leather gloves
04 carpenter's tape measure
05 STM l'occasionelle card
06 post-it with cho dang gol's address
07 manhattan cocktail classic matches
08 a discovery of witches (deborah harkness)
09 studded white leather sneakers
10 can of spray adhesive
11 bag of sour patch kids
12 justice

*not to be confused with gracie's mansion


Celia said...

tape measure and spray adhesive?  i like it!

i hate purses, and i go through periods where i don't carry one at all.  recently, i've been carrying my dl, debit card, and a pack of gum in my pocket. 

jamie said...

shit i just hit cancel when i meant to hit post. once more...

there are shoes in my purse too! (it is harder with the same emotion the second time.) but maybe that is not so uncommon in new york.

but mine are flip flops. which is strange because it is FREEZING here.

i have no candy. :(

rachel (heart of light) said...

Excellent assortment, handy for public transit situations of all sorts.

I always tuck those baby shower favors in my purse and once, stuck in traffic, I'm pretty sure that a decorative blue tin of skittles saved my life.

valya said...

oh, you city folk. there's nothing that interesting in my purse, but my car is another story entirely.

gracie said...


kidchamp said...

@celia (and @valya), i think my purse is my car, pretty much. there's plenty of boring stuff in there, too, i just decided not to count, like, the four lipsticks and itinerant tampons. 

@rachel, the utility of shower stuff is no joke. that lollipop used to share space with two little bottles of maker's mark* and a bunch of hershey's kisses.**

*stolen by joe to make manhattans; i should replace them.
**most of which ended up smushing themselves into my house keys, but those are still on-the-go calories in there.

east side bride said...

the contents of your "purse" (let's be real, that is a TOTE if i've ever seen one) put the contents of my "purse" to shame.

kidchamp said...

is too a purse! it's starting to come apart, though (probably because i've been stuffing it with tools and shoes for four years) - might have to find a new one soon.