03.12.09: apocalypse chow

thanks to a leftover feeling from last week's bed bug drama, or a mood i caught from barreling through watchmen this week (a strange, strange thing to read before falling asleep each night), or the announcement that lindsay lohan has created a self-tanner, i've got apocalypse on the brain. it's in the air, i think,* and has been driving everyone toward comfort food: joe made his mom's tuna casserole (and a tuna-less version for me) on sunday, so we've been rocking the cold war leftovers (with peas and mushrooms) all week. rachel just whipped up an awesome-looking batch of mac and cheese with wild mushrooms and sage over at heart of light. even the office has been getting into the act: there's a mac and cheese bar (so those exist, apparently) in the cafeteria this week. i have no problem with that.***

in other news, while i have had no luck finding a majestic wizard comforter (my web searches end on slanket pages and/or meditations on gandalf's death), the internet has lots of dragon comforters for me. it's just as well that we can't actually buy bedding for another month or so - cuts down on the stunt purchases.

*my inbox this morning, from joe:

Some of the "latest news" on CNN.com:

Baby covered in blood taken off death porch**
Man strips naked in 7.31 seconds
3 deer make beer run, exit back door
**really, cnn? "death porch"?

*** when we've recovered from this week's casserole, i'm so making cornbread topped apple macaroni and cheese - i'm a sucker for random savory recipes with apples.


Rachel (Heart of Light) said...

Cornbread topped apple macaroni and cheese? I don't think I can take it. Too amazing.
I hope you partook of the mac and cheese bar at work, by the way. That's too good to pass up.

Amanda Bruns said...

Wait? So they're gone? So will they come back? So all your stuffs were thrown out?

I am very afraid.

macaroni and cheese is delicious.

lauren said...

they're mostly gone, amanda, though we've seen a few stragglers since the exterminator came (they assured us this would happen, but it's still pretty upsetting - the full saga to date is a few posts down). the exterminator comes back on the 26th for our second round of debugging, which should take care of anything that manages to hatch between visits. alas, yes, we had to throw a lot of stuff away (85% of our bedding, 25% of our clothes, 100% of our magazines and my journals, 100% of our luggage). buy an encasement for your mattress posthaste! they are kind of expensive, but the good ones are bugproof and absolutely worth it.

lauren said...

also, more comfort food goodness: teri lyn fisher's heavenly potatoes recipe (heavy on the garlic and onion). yarm.

wabes said...

cooking isn't happening so much, with the slow exodus of my kitchen implements in advance of the move...but i did just have the amazing rösti with creme fraiche, smoked salmon and horseradish or dill-mustard sauce & gorgeous salad at a favorite local. skipped the rice pudding cake for now, but i reserve the right to take refuge in cake when this week gets crazy.

i also think it may be too warm next week for cooking chard (this is highly seasonal for me, i guess). so there will be some comfort chard on the list, too.