03.25.09: bed bugs, fin (?)

we have a rather curious thursday ahead of us: the exterminators will be giving whatever bed bug-related nonsense remains in our apartment a second walloping sometime between 10 and 2 (i'm hoping for something in the middle, since we have to spirit the cats to the vet for boarding and perform a few operations on the bed to be sure we don't rip our costly new encasements), my mother and her boyfriend will be coming in from california to run around with us for the weekend, and morrissey will be joining us at carnegie hall to...do whatever he does when he's not canceling performances. what would that be, exactly? i've spent the majority of my life wanting to see it, and am still processing the fact that i will. i haven't got a stitch to wear.

the world became a better place when i stopped worrying about infesting my books and started reading again (i seal each one back up in a ziploc bag before i go to sleep, which - listen, i want these bugs gone). i'm glad i managed to read watchmen before i saw the movie, as said movie was thus a little less ridiculous. i'm extra-glad i then started brideshead revisited, which has been a marvelous and much-needed virtual tour of oxford,* where joe and i met and were married (our tenth anniversary** is in less than a month, and since there's pretty much no way we can afford to get there in person, i've been feeling extra-nostalgic). unfortunately, this particular order of things has pretty much ruined the eventual viewing of last year's brideshead revisited movie, for the english actor matthew goode (extra-foppy ozymandias in watchmen) is charles ryder, too. how am i supposed to take that seriously? charles ryder is a pretty foppy character as well, mind you, but man.

imaginary reading group discussion questions

what did you think of watchmen (book or movie)? what got you through the dan and laurie love scenes (textual or onscreen, really)?

02 what does one wear to see morrissey?

03 is the brideshead movie any good?

04 how do you celebrate (dating, wedding, civic, fill-in-the-blank) anniversaries?

*per evelyn waugh, "the turf in hell passage knew [charles and sebastian] well." that's right, y'all: we not only made everyone go to a bar after we got hitched, we sent them down hell passage (eventually renamed st. helens) to do it.

**dating, not wedding: we've only been married for two years and change. not yet that old.


tom said...

what does one wear to see morrissey?

An interesting question. We could go literal (carrying around a molten walkman, etc. etc.) or impressionistic (black overcoat, knit cap and other items from the Thatcherite / England-Is-Rubbish Collection).

lauren said...

my first thought was the ol' daffodils-(or-gladioli)-in-the-back-pocket routine, but i only have one clean pair of pants (curse you, bed bugs!).