03.06.09: bed bugs, XOXO

i am back at the office! i forgot to replace my possibly-bug-tainted brush after tossing it the other night and had to comb my hair with a fork this morning, but: back at the office. i feel infinitely more human, and like falling asleep at my desk.

to make up for having confused you in my last post with a paper suit picture from days and days ago, let me tell you something more recent: the exterminators finally arrived late yesterday afternoon, and we were kicked out of the apartment and into hell's kitchen for the rest of the evening. then the dry cleaners called to say that they needed our vacuum to suck the air from the space bags we gave them;* alors, we took big gulps of air, dashed back into our place to dump our last load of laundered clothes and grab the vac, and took off down the street (we'd already been banished for three hours at that point and really needed to pee, so we were running to finish the errand and get to a restaurant).

celebrities v. giant inflatable rats:** little j edition

when we turned up ninth avenue, joe almost clotheslined taylor momsen and her posse with the vacuum as they came out of a restaurant. that would actually have been horrible, of course, and i can certainly differentiate between actors and their roles, but jenny humphrey might be the gossip girl character most in need of a good clocking with a major appliance. the world is a mysterious place, no?

rats: 4.5
star: 12

*debugging the apartment and killing a 101 in 1001 {II} list item (085 buy and start using vacuum storage bags) at the same time: an eerie coincidence (i ordered the bags a few weeks ago and they arrived just before our sanguivorous little friends did), but convenient.

**an ongoing tally of the famous people and union-displeasure-indicating balloons i see in the city.

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