03.26.09: inner-goth-is-levitating-with-morrissey-happiness haiku

tiny morrissey (2 of 2)

"how soon is now?" live
at carnegie bloody hall
with a gong. the end.


tom said...

A gong? Just replaying it in my mind, I can't see how that is worked into the song.

lauren said...

five good whacks during an extended jam at the end, during which he skittered offstage and changed from his tux into the first of his many button-down shirts. it was surprisingly appropriate.

during a formal-ish back-and-forth with the audience near the end of the show (shortly after he asked, "does anyone have anything tragic to say?"), someone asked morrissey to fix the global economy. his infinitely weary "can i tell you the truth? i just don't know" was also surprisingly appropriate.