03.05.09: bed bugs, day 4

day 1


tom said...

[INT. NEW YORK APARTMENT. Night. The air-raid siren, now utilized to warn of unbreathable air, wails in distance. L trembles as she speaks.]

L: If only we had known about the ability of smog to kill instantly, we would have cared about air pollution with some urgency.

[J looks at L wistfully, and speaks with a halting, pained cadence.]

J: Yes. We should have done something.

[Both stare into camera, as if to say to the audience, "call your politicans right now. In fact, occupy the chambers of power until they pass environmental legislation.]


meg said...

Yes. I have to say, after this picture I was {almost} relived it was bed bugs. At first I feared nuclear meltdown.

But still. I am very sad. At least you can keep your blankets in aforesaid meltdown.

meg said...

OH GOD. What about the cats????

lauren said...

They're boarding with the vet tonight and tomorrow night, meg (total cost for baths, exams, lodging vaccinations, and lodging itself: about 150.00 per cat).

jen said...

are you wearing anything underneath those tyveks?? or is this like the screening of The Graduate at Flicks...?

uncle paul said...

That's the cover of my next record.

lauren said...

rest assured, jen, that we had our knickers on. we weren't trying to be kinky - we were trying to spare our clothes as we debugged the mattress and box spring with the vacuum and some serious contact pesticide (i had to wear the same pair of jeans all week, and i couldn't afford to let them get infested). it worked, but note my previous post in re: pants. good decision, bad decision.

the tyvek stage is actually over and done with: i took that photo monday night, though i didn't post it until last night. we don't aim to confuse, internets - we simply haven't had much sleep this week.