101 in 1001 {II}: 022 walk across the brooklyn bridge [completed 03.22.09]

someone somewhere loves you

someone somewhere loves you! pink ladies! the fail snail! click the photo above for the whole set (now available in sporadically moody german pinhole camera mode).


sara said...

i heart moody german pinhole camera mode. dang.

tom said...

Wistful pictures with odd shadow eff--

OH, NO. Don't tell me you're in a band now and got assigned to do the album photos.

lauren said...

ha! no, the world is safe yet: i still can't read music, and no one but the cat wants to hear me sing. i am but the humble local bed bug photographer.

meg said...

Erg. So glad you did this in non-emergency mode. I'm not sure I could ever enjoy this activity, as much as I'd like to. It's all flashbacks to 9/11 and blackout (This bridge is swaying so much it might fall down. True.)

Pretty view with no PTS though. Pretty pretty.

Rachel (Heart of Light) said...

I love cheerful graffiti!