101 in 1001: 006 crochet or hand-quilt a blanket [ongoing]
feeling better about promising myself that i'd do this; recent knitting efforts qualify because i'm piecing together journal-sized blocks rather than making a single behemoth with javelin-length needles (though that scale has considerable spectacle-art appeal - consider the mammoth italian bunny). as in most of my projects, i'll be working with icky clashing shades of green.

blanket squares

these pieces are made from merino wool i bought from a terse russian woman at the tony stitches east, known in local guides as 'bitches east' for the general unhelpfulness of the staff. i was indeed directed to buy ill-sized needles, but they seem to be doing the trick. i want this to be a blanket of stories, so a little eastern bloc anomie is just fine. next up: finding and dissecting a green thrift store sweater.


sara said...

i can't believe that bunny!

lauren said...

i adore it, but it's gonna get reeeal funky after a month or two out there. can you imagine what that will smell like in 2025?

sara said...

jeeze, you're right about that. they need to have gallons of febreeze on hand to counteract that. or perhaps they should shellac it.