the frost is unquestionably on the punkin, and they's something kindo' harty-like about the atmusfere. given my recent obsession with knitting, the cold snap is even more enjoyable this year; if i continue flinging yarn around at this rate, i'll have a quilted blanket ready for backing by the time we head to california for christmas. in other craft news, i dropped the plush rush fishies in the mail a few days ago. i settled on prices i consider pretty low; at this point, making sales is more important than making big sales. if i actually wanted to profit from sewing up koi, i'd have to sell them for at least $100; if i had the persuasive chops to get that done, i wouldn't be sewing up koi in the first place.

the wedding machine, she rolls along relatively smoothly. though official approval is still in the works, i've been exchanging promising e-mails with the folks at the stanford house in oxford. barring some weird british technicality,* we should be able to plan on a ceremony in the garden. the aforementioned folks - who, i should add, are being extremely helpful - tell me that we should make allowances for fussy local weather, even though we're talking about august; fortunately, i'm fully prepared to get hitched under an umbrella.** by traditional standards, i think we're coming along nicely.

*and there are many - if one wants to get married in england outside of a church, for instance, the building itself needs to have a license, and americans need special visa clearance to get married anywhere. i admit that find the technicalities - much like the i'm-not-an-arsonist vows we gave in order to use the oxford library - kind of awesome.

**as are a lot of people in oxfordshire, apparently; google "wedding umbrella" and hit "i'm feeling lucky," and a local service pops up.


bassett h-q said...

Now wait a minute: am I reading this wrong, or does this mean you guys have to set up shop in Oxford for three whole weeks before the wedding? I mean, I know that Oxford isn't Vegas, but gee whiz. Sounds a bit too technical if you ask me. (Of course, I don't imagine that the registars bulldog this rule--performing bed-checks on out-of-towners and whatnot. But still.)

Then again, you will want to be there to make sure all of the wedding preparation ducks are in a row. And England in summer sounds like a nice place for a three-week vacation anyhow. So I guess it might work out wonderfully after all.

sara said...

cali for christmas, eh? i don't suppose that includes the oc? (it's wishful thinking, i know. my best guess is that you'll be w/ mom, not in so cal.)

yeah, wedding planning!

lauren said...

re oxford: a lot of the registration can, thankfully, be completed by mail. the fees and paperwork are the majority of ye olde wedding process. we're planning a scouting trip this winter/spring and will certainly be in town a bit before the festivities, but i'm not burning through my vacation time before i even get to my honeymoon, man.

re xmas: yeah, we're going to be in northern cal the whole time. we spent all of last year down south, and fair's fair...