101 in 1001: 009 attend a taping of the late show with david letterman [completed 10.19.05]
i could say that getting tickets for letterman was practice for getting tickets to jon stewart, but that's like arguing that hooking up with the crazy mailroom guy is practice for hooking up with anderson cooper (which might, as it happens, be easier than getting tickets to jon stewart). i pass the ed sullivan theater every morning on the way to the office; all i had to do was materialize for a moment in the morning and again at four in the afternoon. the evening's guests were dwayne 'the rock' johnson and a creepy piano prodigy, so there wasn't exactly a mob on the sidewalk. the folks who did show actually managed to lower my opinion of times square tourists, though, for they were utterly unable to arrange themselves according to their ticket numbers and assigned lines (did you not remember yelling "WE'RE AT THE GREEN ROPE WOO!" for the usher twenty minutes ago, zaftig fuchsia crop top lady? i weep for you, america). the show itself whipped by in less than an hour, stuttering only when letterman insisted that "noam" (chomsky) was a misprint and forced a few extra takes at the beginning of the top ten list. i wept a little then, too.

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jacob said...

that dfw story made me actually fearful of being anywhere near letterman.

i will say, though, that your chances of catching a taping of jon stewart are still probably greater than making out with mr. cooper (ahem). unless, of course, you pretended to be a pile of rubble in new orleans.