celebrities v. giant inflatable rats: the pretty boy edition. say what you will about the scene downtown; for my money, the notables cluster on 57th street between broadway and sixth avenue. that's where gwyneth "my babydaddy makes musical spam" paltrow catwalked the crosswalk a few months ago, it's where bruce vilanch put me off my lunch a month later, and it's where i ran across anderson cooper this afternoon. indifference toward the ladies, vanderbilt pedigree, and weird eddie bauer katrina coverage wardrobe aside, that's a fine looking man. i'm once again okay with keeping quiet while i passed him, as i'm guessing a CNN guy doesn't want to hear about how excellent he was as host of the mole. "you can't grease your friend's gnome," though? golden.

rats: 3.5
star: 5

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