i'm perfectly okay with being soaked, so yesterday's crazy rain was an adventure rather than a reason to hate everyone (though it did seem like the cabs were aiming for me at flooded crosswalks - i caught the sploosh head on three or four times and had aqua-chaps for jeans by the time i got to work). my birthday present from joe - tickets to the new pornographers show at webster hall - was excellent; never before have i gotten to hear every last song on my wish list. i said as much to joe and realized i'd forgotten about "miss teen wordpower"; the woman next to me then screeched "WORDPOWER!" and the band promptly played it. we even got a weird fleetwood mac "dreams" cover, complete with arm-flapping, in honor of neko's lemon yellow stevie nicks costume. if the "twin cinema" tour comes to you, dear readers, pounce.

thanks to the hipster death squad, i have an inbox full of birthday haiku. yay!

[from valya]

lauren was born on
columbus day but today
is lmo day

lau is so crafty
i love her needlepoint and
cute beanie critters

paul, i wish you a
happy birthday - one month late
but no less sincere

to joe and andy:
i don't know your birthdays so
happy random day

[from grant]

twenty-seven years
is really freakin old, man
have a beer on me

a big birthday wish:
rat and celeb deathmatch for
rights to bring you cake

[from paul]

Your age is the cube
of an integer. This will
not happen again

until two thousand
forty-two, at which time you
will be sixty-four.

I hope that by then
McSweeney's has published one
of your lists, the gits.


sara said...

aw! happy birthday
sorry i didn't haiku
all the best wishes

bassett h-q said...

At least our Sara
Sent word only two days late;
I'm quite tardy now