05.01.02 du liebst mich nicht

ah, may. it's still quite blustery and the mission has yet to assume its customary summer stank, but the sinks in the treatment room are already squirming with poopy little babies. though budget constraints closed our neonate ward sometime last year, soft-hearted work friends are still trundling home with crates full of kittens. the hospital has taught me to paw through garbage in the spring - piles of junk on the way from the car to the office tend to mew. so much for the pet-friendliest city in the u.s. of a (i'd foster a few bushels myself, but homeboy isn't so more-pets-friendly. i'll probably thank him someday for checking my tendencies).

i neglected to issue a general warning about napa a few weeks ago. pretty, very pretty in fact, but as we were neither yuppies nor bachelorette party attendees, wine tourism was drop-dead boring. the bed and breakfast scene, in turn, is charming when one is on A Big Vacation - or, say, more than an hour's drive away - but i'm kicking myself for dropping $200 on barbie's dream cottage. it's nearly impossible to play scrabble in a hot tub.

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