05.07.02 he will wait until

i've developed an almost excruciating sensitivity to light. with a single exception, i haven't driven the freeway after dark in six months - oncoming headlights spread so fantastically that i can't read exit signs. i favor teensy editions for my lunch break reading, as sitting in the sun only works if i can shade the pages with my head. longer hair has been helpful. i spoke to an optometrist who swore up and down that i have perfect vision; i think he sensed that i wore glasses without lenses in college. i also think he's a fucker.

new at work:
dachshunds won't vomit!
cats will nurse anything!
cosmetic testicles!

donnie darko disturbed me. i still can't handle the filmic bunnymen thing that's going around, and the therapy sequences reminded me that i was hypnotized at grad nite in high school. i took it in stride at the time - honestly, i spoke and danced more in that half hour than i did in the four previous years - but it creeps the hell out of me in retrospect. no rabbits, no trances in the movies for a while.

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