05.20.02 for oodles and oodles

lovely, blustery weather carried over from yesterday morning. grey sky, moist air, people fighting their clothing up and down the street. my anxieties save themselves for the sun.

i was on the fence about shelling out for spider-man, but seeing bruce campbell on the big screen, bit part or no, was a joy - he appeared to have resigned himself to television when we heard him speak on halloween. sam raimi should remember him when the sequels start rolling in. as for the rest of it - leaps and bounds in special effects are a mixed bag. i'd trim a few milliseconds of the rubbery tarzan scenes in times square and invest in materials for kirsten dunst's stylist - red hair calls for new makeup. i'd also have liked to see tobey maguire hold on to his underoos from the early scenes. elements of mexican wrestling are few and far between in summer blockbusters, and why should that be so?

i miss southern california movie rituals. i paid a lot of money to see a lot of stupid films back in the day, and they were worth every penny - maybe runoff from hollywood contaminates the ground water, maybe i grew up stunted in such a way that i could sit through anything and feel that it was religious. the man who wasn't there was fine the other night, but it sucked in comparison to star trek 7 in high school. what the hell?

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