04.28.02 you're the only one you'll scar

1. the seven a.m. smooth jazz blasts. i'm comfortable with people who enjoy their saturday mornings, but i object to elevator music at fist-pumping volumes. tell me, guys, that you're not rocking out to that downstairs - it just seems unnatural.
this eventually mutated into creed and lenny kravitz around twelve during the week.

2. her car is always blocking the driveway. it has emboldened his car, and the pair of them are always in my way when i'm late for an appointment or need desperately to pee. we're passive enough when he runs out to re-park that i think he thinks we have an arrangement. yeah, an arrangement where we pay for the garage and you block us for free. she just sneers like it's my fault.

3. the wafting meat'n'propane fumes. i've wished for a year that he'd grouse about my smoking on the porch so that i could say something about his nasty grill fixation. sometimes my lighter will materialize on a step i don't use - i think it falls to their porch and he replaces it. i'm afraid he'll complain about my piles of crap, and the wait is maddening.

4. they're poo-heads.

my body is having some sort of festival without my consent - i feel like an ewok knocking around in an AT-AT. more naps next month.

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