04.26.02 splashdown

pink moon out tonight: keep your eyes on the road.

the show last night redeemed an otherwise godawful week. bimbo's edges out great american as the purtiest venue in san francisco...it's an art deco mafioso supper club, complete with winking lights and intimate scarlet booths. as a co-worker promised, it made me feel grown up. the aquarium lacked its mermaid, but tanya - my god, that woman is a witch. most of the watchers had abandoned their tables and were swaying like snakes by the second or third song. as vinh will have the set list up in a few days, i will refrain from taunting paul with highlights (ah swoon slow dog the bees hot burrito #1 restless choo).

chuck's blood saved another life at work on monday. i promise him each time that this transfusion is the last, but i mean it now - he comes back so shorn and shaky. i'll get jude typed in case charlie needs him at some point, but i will get over forcing heroism on my cats as a general proposition.

i lie a little about the week's utter dreariness, for my roommate's visit was wonderful. yeah, i still call her that. no, i don't think it's weird.

can't actually talk about the bad stuff. best forgotten, really.

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