04.17.02 the contents of lincoln's pockets

san francisco gets all kinds of credit for the bimbo's show next thursday - it's difficult to loathe a city that brings tanya donelly within walking distance of my apartment. if i could find a decent burrito within the same radius, i - could learn to be happy.

stupid poverty trick #874: conversations gain infinite zest when one pretends that holes in clothing are mouths. my night shirt has a lot to say about truffles, for instance. joe and i should look to other people for entertainment, maybe.

sister carrie is - unusual. though dreiser is no genius, he doesn't appear to have lost any sleep worrying about it. i'm not learning anything new about the human condition, but i know more than i ever imagined i might about chicago and personal hygiene.
Her dresses draped her becomingly, for she wore excellent corsets and laced herself with care. Her hair had grown out even more luxuriantly than before, and she knew considerable concerning dressing it. She had always been of cleanly instincts and now that opportunity afforded, she kept her body sweet. Her teeth were white, her nails rosy, her hair always done up clear of her forehead. She had some color in her cheeks, a large soft eye, a plump, dainty chin and a round, full neck. Altogether, and at all times, she was pleasing to look upon.
we save the very deepest circle of prose hell for post-modernists.

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