04.16.02 that little friend of mine

no more magazines in the reception areas. apparently an Artful Breast compromised a client's well-being, and there is simply no room for that sort of thing in companion animal health care. i've intended to squawk about this - kidchamp has been pro-mammary-fun for some time, and this reception insult comes hard on the heels of a Society-wide spaghetti strap moratorium - but The Powers That Be are skilled, so skilled at compromising my missions. in this case, they filled the lobby with library donations like

If the ant shares food with others, does it get some for itself?

Yes. The second stomach is for its own use. The ant pumps some of the food in its crop into this second, private stomach.

Do ants take care of the eggs and young because they "love" them?

Adult ants take care of the eggs and larvae because there is a sweet liquid on them that the ants like.

How does the work of the colony get done?

Worker ants can do every job.
But some ants of the colony get more excited than others. These ants start all the jobs going. Then other ants join the work.
One night I watched an ant make about 20 trips back and forth. It was carrying grains of sand from one place to another.
The ant did not always go back to the same place to get sand. And it did not always put the sand it was carrying in the same place. It did not seem to be getting anywhere.

Can ants remember things?

Many experiments have proved that ants remember the way out of the nest and the way back. Even after a winter of hiding in the ground, the older ants in the colony slowly come to remember the old trails.

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