04.10.02 boom boombadoom

so much ink has been spilled over the satanic verses, so little on its onomatopoeia...actually, that could be a lie; i don't read reviews too often. lovely stuff, anyway.

via inevitable backlash (hmm): satan was bound to introduce consumer reports to hot or not? at some point, and exso ("tell your ex. tell the world.") is the demon child of their union. i'd like to see their database evolve toward all music's artist browser: if you want someone more Sober, Arranged than your ex-boyfriend, try einsturzende neubaten. information wants to be free.

on commodification, i've hired a cellar for my anniversary with the missus this month. i don't get particularly excited about the wine country, but if one intends to be foofy, i think one is obliged to be as foofy as possible. anthropology! anthropophagi!

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