04.27.11: the dirty dozen {twelve pictures of my feet}

01 and the pacific [CA]; 02 at a jersey wedding [NJ]

my feet and the pacific my feet and complicated wedding carpet

03 and questionable loafers [NY]; 04 at a sea captain's house [CT]

day 260: my feet and questionable loafers my feet and leaves

05 and a swimming hole [AZ]; 06 at the russian tea room [NY]

my feet and a swimming hole my feet and the russian tea room

07 firefly-hunting [NJ]; 08 and madison square garden [NY]

my feet and firefly hunting in NJ my feet and madison square garden

09 and h.p. lovecraft's grave [RI]; 10 bowling [NY]

my feet and h.p. lovecraft's grave my feet and bowling shoes

11 on a glacier [IS]; 12 at the blue lagoon [IS]

my feet and mýrdalsjökull my feet and the blue lagoon


rachel (heartoflight) said...

An excellent collection - I am particularly fond of the jersey wedding shoes.

kidchamp said...

they're also baltimore groomswoman shoes. versatility!

Amanda said...

You are THREE OCTOPODES (three point two five, if you include Joe's bowling feet). 

The Kraken, he shivers in his many, many boots.

kidchamp said...

i was going to call in the big guns and use this photo, but the differing pose held me back; i'm not ready to explain why i only spread my legs for kevin bacon.

jamie said...

my friend bruce always teases that girls who take a course in photography *always* shoot a photo of their feet.

i was too embarressed to ever tell him the first assignment in the first photo course i ever took was a photograph of my feet.

but i think if he saw this it would give him pause. 

kidchamp said...

and this is but a sliver of the LO's Feet Photo Archive!