laugavegur and hverfisgata are the reykjavik equivalent of mission and market in san francisco, after a fashion; laugavegur's traditionally regarded as the main drag, and hverfisgata (parallel and a block closer to the sea) and brooklyn (read: williamsburg) are often mentioned in the same breath. peering down blocks perpendicular to either street gives you a jaw-dropping view of faxafl├│i bay ("reykjavik" means "smoky bay"), and walking down those blocks and wandering around a bit is like being swallowed by a magnificent street-art whale. can we enact some sort of exchange program in which new york gets these guys and we give iceland jim joe and dickchicken? i'd fancy a lower east side or bedford avenue tributary covered with this.

graffiti bonanza (1 of 8)

graffiti bonanza (2 of 8)

graffiti bonanza (3 of 8)

graffiti bonanza (6 of 8)

graffiti bonanza (4 of 8)

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graffiti bonanza (8 of 8)


LPC said...

An entire country of Moomintrolls.

I have to ask. Can I interest you in a little linear, standard prose storytelling in which we find out what you actually did over there and in what chronological order?


kidchamp said...

never you worry, that will happen; work and the bridal shower in which i was unexpectedly intimately involved this past weekend have supplanted The Narrative for the time being. also there are so very many photos that The Narrative would be twenty screens long if i tried to integrate them all; hence the trickle.

LPC said...

Understood. However, I may begin to call you Little My.

kidchamp said...

i would expect nothing less.

Rachel (heart of light) said...

I'm a huge sucker for street art, and European street art kills ours, for the most part.