at vik

if you head due south from here, the next land you'll hit is antarctica.


bigBANG said...

WHUR is it? We've made these two funny friends in India- American wildlife biologists (pretty much best job EVER) and they *met* and had their initial *romance* in Antartica, and have, between them, been there a *dozen* times.

It blows me away, that first-kiss-in-Antarctica business. Maybe us mere mortals without artcic credentials can try our luck on yonder seastack you've shown us. Maybe.

kidchamp said...

it's vik, at the southern tip of iceland; our guide was very proud of its clear shot southward. you know what sea stacks are, lily! (this doesn't actually surprise me, as in my head you are carmen sandiego, but i'm extremely pleased anyway).

i knew a girl who decided several years ago that she wanted to spend time in antarctica, so she got herself hired as a carpenter and then spent several months there. when she came back she was...different; she was always dreamy and admittedly coming back to new york in particular must have been strange, but ever after she's been...faraway (not in the rolling-stones-song sense, but maybe a little bit). she's been back several times, and if i had to say which of my friends would surprise me the least if she turned into a cormorant and flew away, it would definitely be sandra.

what do you think your friends' first conversation was like?  were they outdoors for the kiss? do you think they might be able to turn into birds? we should probably talk about this in vik. 

LPC said...

I had sort of a similar feeling at India's southernmost point. Although it was only Sri Lanka on beyond.