07.09.10: arizona, part II

joe's antlers


mimi guards the pocket (4 of 4)


alley behind the bar

day 332: star valley steps



Celia said...

are those cabaret girls on crutches?  SEX-Y. 

rachel (heart of light) said...

Must know more about this adult cabaret - is there a cow present in the bar, like a mascot of some sort? Because then it would clearly be the best cabaret ever, adult or not.

kidchamp said...

not a full cow, but steer horns and copious leather, yes. it began as a quasi-cowboy bar and cowboys are still a big part of the customer base, so the place is full of 'gifts' from them: brands (that's the partial five up there), chaps, spurs, and so on. 

they'd fit a cow if they could, i think. 

esb said...

I am very taken by that cow.

LPC said...

I just want to make sure the cow gets naked or I'm not going.

Amanda said...


Peonies said...

I was so enamoured with the cow I didn't notice the cabaret crutches. 

jamie said...

cow cabaret, dark highways, CATS, antlers and back porches?