morale has been low this week - fall magazines are large magazines, and hustling them to the printer calls for the sort of psychological fortitude best left to cosmonauts - so i made myself a desk votive.



rachel (heart of light) said...

Looks appropriately inspiring (and by inspiring I mean awesome in a slightly terrifying way, which is really what you need for these sorts of weeks. terror inspires work.).

Also, does anyone ever walk in and ask why you are cutting up magazines with scissors and pasting pictures on things? If not, I envy your job.

Amanda said...

Lagerfeld vs. Callahead

kidchamp said...

there's always something mysterious afoot here, rachel. it's as confusing as it is useful, but yeah, i can chop things up at my leisure. 

callahead's body is rasputin's, amanda - i have a feeling uncle karl would get whomped. 

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

Speaking of votives… (with apologies to Keats)
Kidchamp, would I were well-read as thou art —
Not in lone splendour hung aloft the ‘tome™
And reading, with unwearied lids apart,
Like some pixyish New York Harold Bloom,
The rumbl’ing grammars at their Mars-like job
Of pure attrition ‘gainst your reading tastes,
Or blotting out the coarse commuting mob
Of quite apt quarry for the dread bitchface —
No — yet still edified, still catechized,
‘tome™side, where books sanguinary are sought,
Exult at those base anathematized,
Thundrous acclaim for assayed mettle wrought,
Still, still to know perspicacity reigns,
And so read ever — or else feed to flames.

kidchamp said...

oh man, the sonnet i've been writing about duck soup is going to look super-homely now. that was igneous, son!

kidchamp said...

and that reminds me - has anyone seen jane campion's bright star? i meant to get to it in the great oscar push of 2010, but a girl can only escort herself to the angelika so many times.

Uncle paul said...

Bright Star is very good and very sad, yes. Did they actually nominate it for something?

kidchamp said...

costume design. i want to see it for lots of reasons, of course, but that was oscar's line. 

gracie said...

OMFG, this beats those mexican jesus candles any day! LOVEEEEEE  

(ps. same mouse pad!)

esb said...


p.s. I liked Bright Star. I didn't LOVE it. But I had very high hopes...