on reading comprehension and having my second cup of coffee at the office rather than at home, i was walking to the subway this morning and happened upon a truck with C A L L A H E A D emblazoned on its side. my old nemesis, i thought.



rachel (heart of light) said...

Looked at this for a while, finally clicked away, feeling like I'd somehow fallen into a magical realism novel.

Ingested more caffeine. Clicked back. A-ha!

(originally thinking that you had seen a truck with both the words "calla head" and this image, trying to wrap my head around what kind of business this might be, and what they could possibly need to deliver)

kidchamp said...

i never did figure out what one was supposed to call ahead for with the truck. 

LPC said...

Calla head clearly needs some spawn.

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

Not directly related but not necessarily unrelated:




kidchamp said...

you know, MDF, i still haven't gotten around to acquiring santa cthulhu. what's wrong with me?

Amanda said...


(For superheroes whose kryptonite is planning?)
(Not saying that's you, btw)