07.08.10: arizona, part I

another axe

{one of like seventeen axes in my in-laws' garden}

swimming hole

{the swimming hole at which i attempted to impress my father-in-law with cannonballs}

downstream from the swimming hole

{downstream from the swimming hole}

toward whispering pines

{sunset, the hike back to the car}

knives and swords

{heading out of town on the beeline highway}

beeline highway saguaros (1 of 3)

{saguaros en route to phoenix}


rachel (heart of light) said...

Swimming hole! My parents also seem to have an axe surplus. I'm always stumbling over them in odd places.

leroy said...

i'm always surprised to see water in arizona.  i mean, intellectually i know there is some.

Peonies said...

We keep our surplus axe by the front door.  Just in case. 

jamie said...

am thinking i should maybe move to this town. swimming holes, cacti and axes.